Master bathroom

In the heart of Richmond Hill, we turned a compact master bathroom into a spacious, curbless sanctuary. Our challenge was to not only increase the room’s functionality but also infuse it with a modern aesthetic that our client dreamed of.

The conversion of a traditional tub into a curbless shower is the project’s crown jewel. This feature not only enhances the bathroom’s accessibility but also its visual appeal, making the space look and feel larger.

To maximize space, we introduced in-wall niches, providing sleek storage without sacrificing square footage. The vanity was upgraded with a quartz top, merging durability with luxury, and ensuring the bathroom’s design was as practical as it was beautiful.

We installed a new shower system with massage jets, transforming daily routines into a spa-like experience. Alongside, a modern toilet and high-quality paint refresh completed the transformation, creating a serene and inviting space.

This project in Richmond Hill showcases our expertise in converting limited spaces into luxurious retreats. Through innovative design and attention to detail, we’ve crafted a bathroom that exceeds expectations, proving that small spaces can indeed harbor immense beauty and functionality.