How Our Home Renovation Story Started

“I never take on multiple projects at the same time just because I feel that it will not be fair to the client if I cannot give them 100% of my attention.”

In just six years, Luxe Home Renovation has cemented its name among the top contenders in construction in the GTA with Roman Kravchouk at its helm. In a world where many CEOs are more concerned about their bottom line than they are about the interests of their clients, Roman goes against the grain and proves time and again that in his world, people always come first.
Roman grew up in Israel and later migrated to Canada with his parents in 2009 and saw them go through the hardships many immigrant families face. The dedication that is undeniably evident in his renovation projects today stems from seeing his parents work tirelessly to build a new life for their family. It was from this vantage point that Roman developed a heightened appreciation for the value of a dollar.

“I know it doesn’t come easy, so I want to make sure my clients actually get the best value for their money because they are working hard for it, and I want to make sure they’re happy.”

Construction has always been a part of Roman’s life. As a teenager and young adult, he worked for several construction companies but didn’t immediately consider it a career choice. After earning degrees in business and finance, Roman landed a lucrative job working for a large bank in Canada. Although he poured himself into his role, he realized it was not rewarding for him. He wanted to provide solutions that leaned more in the customers’ favor and less on the company’s profit margin. He wanted to do more but couldn’t be there for his clients the way he wanted to because the bank’s financial goals came first.

Having invested so much money and time into his education, Roman felt compelled to remain working in finance even though his heart was not in it. But the longer he stayed on the job, the more he realized that it just wasn’t him. It troubled him when he went home and his colleagues would often tell him that he cared too much. But to Roman, there was no such thing as caring too much about the client.

He needed a job where he could prioritize his clients’ needs and offer solutions that actually changed their lives. The only way to do that was to start his own business. The construction brought him the fulfillment he simply couldn’t find elsewhere. So Roman left the corporate world and set out to build a full-service construction company that represented his core values: integrity, hard work, and genuine customer care. Bringing his business acumen with him, Roman devoted himself to running his own company and bringing out the best in every home he renovated, even if it meant spending extra time to perfect fine details.

About Us

Today, Roman has never felt more fulfilled. Known to have an impeccable eye for detail, many of his customers are willing to wait months for him to work on their homes – a testament to the solid relationships he has built with his clientele over the years. It takes many companies a considerable amount of time to establish the kind of rapport Luxe Home Renovation has managed to achieve in under a decade. Interestingly, Roman has never run a single ad. To date, all of his business has come through word of mouth.

Roman’s mastery of construction knows no bounds and his portfolio is exquisite. He takes time to listen to what is important to his clients and delivers. What he considers to be most rewarding about his work is seeing a client’s face light up when they see their newly renovated space.

“I focus on the small details that most people overlook. It’s a great feeling to know I am truly making a difference and that my clients trust me.”