If you’re looking for basement renovation in Toronto that will add value to your home and give you more space, consider us as the best basement renovation company in Toronto. Luxe Home Renovation helps you get basement renovation ideas and transform your basement into a space your whole family will enjoy. We offer complete basement renovation and remodeling services in Toronto and across the GTA. With our team of professionals on board, we will take care of everything from the drywall to the paint job so that when it’s done, you can sit back and relax in style.

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Basement Renovation Contractor

We are Toronto’s top-rated basement renovation contractor because we believe in quality work done right the first time. Luxe Home Renovation can maximize your basement creating a space that is welcoming with updated basement design features and treatments that add warmth and functionality to your basement. Our team will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Basement Insulation

Basement insulation is a common home improvement project.

The purpose of basement floor insulation is to keep heat from escaping through the floor and cold air from seeping in during the winter months. Basement wall insulation is placed between the studs of your basement walls and helps to keep heat in during the winter months. Basement ceiling insulation is placed between the floor joists of your basement ceiling and helps to keep your home cool in the summer months. This will help you save money on energy bills while also providing comfort for your family members. Insulation should be placed between floors for maximum effectiveness because any gaps or cracks could allow air to travel through the area below your feet even when doors are closed and windows are shuttered tightly against intruding drafts. Insulation is often a part of a bigger basement renovation project, and we are happy to do it! If you need more information on the basement insulation code, please consult your local building department.

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Basement Renovation Company

Luxe Home Renovation specializes in a wide range of basement renovation options. We take care of everything so you can enjoy your basement in comfort.

  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Storage

Our knowledgable experts will be happy to navigate you through the choice of materials and styles, to make sure you get the basement you always wanted.

Basement Renovation Process

Process of remodeling basement

Are you ready to begin using your basement the way it was meant to be? Our team will meet with you to discuss your design ideas. Then we will begin bringing your basement to life in 5 easy steps.

  1. We will review any necessary upgrades to plumbing or electrical so you can feel confident knowing your new basement renovation is being done right.
  2. We will identify any areas of your basement that need a moisture barrier and insulation upgrades so you can enjoy your basement in warmth and comfort.
  1. We then begin framing your space to create new living space options so you can use your basement for more than just storage. Most homes already have the necessary ‘rough in’ for things like upgraded laundry rooms or bathrooms.
  2. We then begin the installation process adding the features that matter most to you like new flooring, lighting, walls, and even storage.
  3. Finally, we do a final inspection with you to ensure all our work exceeds your expectations. We are never satisfied until you are.
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Basement Renovations and Remodeling Ideas

Luxe Home Renovation has seen and done it all. We love the challenge, so feel free to inspire us with the craziest ideas you might have. However, if you are looking for a more classical approach, here are some most requested basement remodeling ideas:

basement remodeling ideas

Media and In-home Theater: Tired of watching the game or your favorite movie in a cold, damp basement? We can create spaces that incorporate the design elements that matter to you like a place to show off memorabilia or a built-in bar to enjoy a drink with guests.

Laundry Room: Create a functional laundry room that saves you time and energy. We can create a laundry room in your basement that has all the storage and workspace you need to keep on top of weekly chores.


The duration of a basement renovation project may vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. Typically, a basic renovation may take around 4-8 weeks, while a more extensive project may take 8-12 weeks or more. It’s best to consult with a professional contractor to get a more accurate estimate.

It depends on what is being done in the basement. Generally, if you are making structural changes, adding or moving plumbing or electrical, or creating a living space, you will likely need a permit. The specific requirements for permits vary depending on your local building codes and regulations. It’s recommended to consult with a professional contractor to determine what permits are needed for your basement renovation project.

Most reputable contractors provide a warranty for their basement remodeling services. Luxe Home Renovation provides a warranty for all their remodeling services. The specifics of the warranty may vary based on the type of work and materials used.

The start date for a basement renovation project depends on several factors such as the availability of materials, the scope of work involved, and the contractor’s schedule. A professional contractor can work with you to determine a timeline that works best for your needs and schedule.

No, it’s best to insulate the walls and floors before finishing a basement. Insulating a basement before finishing it can help to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and reduce moisture and mold issues. It’s recommended to consult with a professional contractor to determine the best insulation options for your basement renovation project.

Yes, finishing a basement can increase your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, a finished basement can add up to 70% of its original value to your home. A professional contractor can help you maximize the value of your basement renovation project by using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Contact Luxe Home Renovation today for a free estimate on your basement renovation or remodeling project. Call us today and get basement renovation ideas from the best basement renovation contractor in Toronto. Discover how you can finally turn your basement into a functional living space you will love.