Main bathroom

We’ve gutted the entire bathroom, and replaced the walls, waterproofing, and tiling. We’ve also installed a brand-new tub, shower valve system, glass shower door, vanity, and toilet. We’ve also installed new pot lights and vanity lights, and custom mirrors. Finally, we’ve painted, installed the new hardware and completed the bathroom renovation project. Check out our latest bathroom renovation projects in Markham.

The bathroom renovation project looks great and is completely up-to-date!

Master bathroom

This particular bathroom renovation project in Markham was in need of some serious renovation. The original layout consisted of a bathtub and a small separate shower – not really ideal for anyone wanting to relax and unwind. So we decided to remove the partition wall and create a single, large open space. We installed a brand-new bathtub and a beautiful walk-in shower with plenty of room for two. We also waterproofed the walls to ensure that there would be no more leaks. In addition to this, we installed brand-new tiling and pot lights to create a truly luxurious feel. We also replaced the old toilet with a brand new one-piece model and added a custom shower glass enclosure and vanity. Finally, we added a custom quartz vanity top, mirror, and hardware to complete the look.

Final Result