The recent renovation of the powder room in a Richmond Hill condo has completely transformed the space into a modern and functional area. The renovation involved the removal of the old tile, light fixture, vanity, toilet, and wall built-in mirror. In their place, a brand new large format modern tile was installed, adding a fresh and updated look to the flooring. The addition of a new toilet and vanity with a modern faucet and backsplash provided ample storage and functionality while adding a touch of luxury to the space. In addition, a modern mirror with light was installed to illuminate the area, making it easy to apply makeup and perform other tasks. To further maximize the space, a custom wall niche was added, providing additional storage and giving the room a unique and personalized touch. The new modern LED bathroom fixture created a warm and welcoming environment and tied the entire space together perfectly.

Powder Room

Overall, the transformation of the Richmond Hill condo’s powder room was a resounding success. The addition of new, modern features created a stylish and functional space that maximizes every inch of the small area. The new custom wall niche and LED bathroom fixture, along with the other features, all came together to create a stunning before-and-after transformation that the homeowners can be proud of.

Final Result