A new project, a new challenge! Luxe Home Renovation team of experts dive into a total makeover of a spacious 2800 Sq Ft house.

We were able to address all of the aesthetic issues that existed in the old kitchen. After we installed new custom-made cabinets and a beautiful solid backsplash, we also upgraded the flooring to hardwood. Additionally, we added modern appliances for a stylish look and better cooking experiences.

Painting the cabinets white really brought out that modern, clean look we were going for. The room instantly seemed brighter. With newly painted walls and enhanced dark brown hardwood floor, the kitchen got its bold modern look that’s perfect for creativity to thrive in this artistic space.

The bathroom transformation was impressive! The space was completely refinished, and new white-colored walls highlighted the window, while a custom-made vanity with a breathtaking stand-alone tub gave this bathroom a wow-effect. New tiles flooring brought everything together in a beautiful way – from plumbing fixtures to toilet and tub.

After removing an old carpet, we replaced it with a stylish dark-brown hardwood floor. We used brighter colours on the walls to create contrast and highlight this room’s beauty – making this home feel more alive than ever before!

A guest room definitely needed a breath of fresh air. With old carpet gone and hardwood floor taking its place, and by mixing bright and dark colours we created a contrast that gave the room a clean and modern look.

Second-floor hallway looks stunning with freshly paint walls, new flooring, and a fully renovated staircase.

We took care of every step in this project. Literally. We upgraded stairs with new spindles and refinished handrails. In addition to installing a new railing, we also replaced the old stair treads with solid wood boards to match the flooring around the house. The result is a clean, classic look that will last for years.

A beautiful new coat of paint, dark-brown hardwood flooring plus exquisite chandelier turned this hallway into a gorgeous and elegant space.

Final Result

The Luxe Home Renovation team was happy to be a part of such an exciting project. The challenges were all overcome and we achieved our main goal- full customer satisfaction!