This time Luxe Home Renovation team took upon a full home renovation project in Burlington! Our goal was to create a clean, cozy, and functional space for a wonderful family. We believe that each home should bring more balance to life, so we made sure that each room will be in the style and taste of its residents.

The basement was fully renovated, the ceiling was raised. We added pot lights to make the space brighter and visually bigger. A new hardwood flooring gave this space an instant update, and a bar (that was a special request from our client) perfectly fits into the new entourage adding a room extra sauciness.

The house needed a quiet and efficient working space. We took one of the rooms and transformed it into a functional office. With new insulation, updated ceiling with the pot lights, we were aiming towards a calm and productive environment. We have decided to add a split wall design to add more texture and feel to the room. As a result, we got an office space or a study perfect for any family member.

Our main goal for this hallway renovation was to create an uninterrupted flow. A beautiful new coat of paint, raised ceiling, and new hardwood floor turn one narrow passageway into the most fabulous hallway.

Final Result

A full home renovation of 2100 sq ft was completed by the Luxe Home Renovation team in 2 weeks.

The final result is a home that looks clean, cozy, and modern with its stylish kitchen, new windows, spacious interiors, and more natural light. Luxe Home Renovation team is proud of the high-end renovation job they’ve done for this family.

If you are looking to renovate your home, contact us! We are ready for any challenge and will be happy to take upon your project.